WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress Plugin Development Service

With WordPress plugins specifically designed to meet your needs, you can significantly enhance the functionality of your WordPress site. In our plugin development services at WDA, we develop plugins for a wide variety of business websites. We offering custom WordPress plugin development services to our customers across the UK and Europe. With our tailor-made plugins, modules, and components, we extend the functionality of WordPress websites. Based on your business requirements, we can configure plugins and develop custom plugins to achieve the desired functionality.

A History of Success

We have a track-record of delivering awesome WordPress websites with excellent code quality and exceptional technology. With WDA, you can think of building any type of website or application using WordPress. By leveraging the vast repository of available WordPress plugins, we will find, leverage, and customize them based on your business requirements. Plugins will be built from scratch if they do not exist.

In terms of customer satisfaction, we are excellent. In addition to our general business customers, the majority of our clients are web design, development, and marketing agencies. We can handle any WordPress project with our technical expertise and resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course. Through custom WordPress plugin development solutions, we can migrate business logic from another CMS to your WordPress website.

We design, develop, host, maintain, migrate and optimise WordPress websites. In fact, we are skilled to do anything that is related to WordPress. Our WordPress experts can make the necessary changes for you and can also show you how to use your WordPress site effectively.

By providing a team of certified WordPress developers, we will be able to meet your plugin requirements according to ISO 9001 development standards.

We can customize paid plugins for small businesses, start-ups, and online business professionals, but it is not recommended since custom features in future upgrades of plugin files will be lost. You may be able to achieve your goals by creating another custom function or plugin that interacts with the paid plugins.

Once your brand-new custom WordPress plugin is assembled, you'll need to keep updating it to make sure it's compatible with more current WordPress versions. If you need assistance with that, we do offer maintenance packages.

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