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Why Content Migrations Matter

With a content migration, you have the opportunity to maintain your compelling content as you move from one platform to another. Regardless of a migration's complexity, content grooming and upkeep should be included in the process to maximize ROI. Not all migrations are "straightforward", hence bringing in a content agency can ensure your migration runs smoothly and you make the most of your content.

Content Migration Service

Content migration from an old to a newly designed website presents a whole new set of challenges than pure data migration. Moving the content that describes your organization, products and services can be extremely challenging due to embedded styles and differences in content management systems. Manually correcting any mistakes can waste hundreds or thousands of man-hours if not done correctly. We can assist you with the migration of your content, even if you already have a developer for your newly developed and existing websites. Whether you’re looking for fully automated options or roll up your sleeves and move it yourself, we’re here to help.

Key Challenges in Migrations

We will review your existing web content and develop a content migration plan with you. Among the details of the plan is the approach to be taken, and the challenges involved in the content migration, such as search engine optimization considerations, usability adjustments, and customer impact. After a plan has been defined, our team will utilize a variety of tools, ranging from manual data entry to fully automated content migration. In the end, the content gets migrated, your customers are satisfied, and you don’t disappear from the search engines!

Frequently Asked Questions

Moving content from your old website to a new one is called content migration. It involves moving text, images, videos, and even the site structure.

Standard migrations can take between 30 minutes to three hours (for example, moving from one server to another). Depending on the website, content migration can also take weeks, or even months to execute properly.

Specialists in data migration plan, implement, and manage the movement of data between IT systems, software, and applications.

The process of data migration refers to the process of moving data from one location to another, from one format to another, or from one application to another. The most common reason for this is that the data has been moved to a new location or system.

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