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Custom WordPress Support Services

We are providing the most effective WordPress maintenance services for your website that have custom-built themes, plugins, or other custom functionalities. We test and review all WordPress core files, plugins and themes to help you prevent errors. Our monitoring tools for custom sites check for critical errors and other issues on your site to help keep your WordPress environment healthy.

Our dedicated team will carry out the plugin, theme, and core file updates. We can also do content updates on your WordPress website.

Why WDA Maintenance Services?

Our team of WordPress experts understands the importance of keeping your website updated and optimised. We provide reliable WordPress maintenance services to ensure your website runs at its fastest possible speed.

You can lose your customers in a fraction of a minute if your website is slow and unresponsive. Keeping your website up and running with the best performance is our priority.

Researchers have found that WordPress websites are more prone to security breaches. With our WordPress website maintenance services, we make sure your site always runs at its top performance with the latest updates and security fixes. We do not compromise on website security.

Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress Maintenance refers to the method of optimising your website, keeping it secure, and keeping everything up to date. This will ensure that you don’t have to face any problems with your site. Yes, WordPress maintenance is essential as it ensures the best possible performance and security for your website.

Yes, WDA offers you the finest WordPress Maintenance services along with the necessary recommendations to enhance your website experience.

If your website has been hacked recently, we will modify all passwords, upgrade the plugins and WordPress versions, clean all infected files, and install firewall plugins to prevent future attacks. Furthermore, we will perform maintenance as the situation demands and help you fix the whole problem.

The reason for a slow website can be anything ranging from unnecessary plugins, theme codes, and database errors to unwarranted revisions of databases, etc. We will help you out by diagnosing the cause and working accordingly to provide you with the right solution.

Usually, we try to fix things without taking down your website. If, however, there is a major issue that needs immediate attention, we try to notify you in advance.

Although there is no link between website maintenance and SEO rankings, you can opt for our SEO services for this objective. Our experts have the appropriate knowledge and skills to boost your rankings.

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