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WordPress Performance and Security Service

There is nothing that can provide peace of mind like having your website’s performance and security validated by a WordPress expert. We will provide you with a 66-point inspection checklist of performance and security that will be conducted by one of our expert security analysts that will cover all aspects of running a secure WordPress site, including security, performance, regular troubleshooting, and analytics. We will include a detailed description of our fixes and recommendations for items that need your attention in our security analysis report.

What makes us different

To protect your WordPress website from several risks and vulnerabilities, we provide website performance and security service in which we use specific security tools. Among these are the firewalls, scanners, login security, brute force protection, user activities, and uptime monitoring. We also optimize your WordPress website for speed and performance which includes optimising images, JS, CSS, handling the caching, and the CDNs.

The backups are saved on multiple servers every day. It is easy for us to restore your database and core files if anything happens. We will fix common WordPress security issues you might not know exist, giving you a peace of mind day in day out.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the awesome things about WordPress is that you don't need security plugins to 'harden' your website. Many of the features offered by such plugins can be manually configured. It can also be much more convenient to use an all-in-one security solution.

There are often vulnerabilities in outdated software. Consequently, hackers can exploit security holes in WordPress when administrators use outdated cores, plugins, themes, and other software. Hacked WordPress websites are most often caused by outdated, vulnerable software; this is one of the most common causes

Security plugins limit or block requests from specific IP addresses or users if they exceed a set threshold, by recognizing legitimate crawlers as friendly, it will prevent them from being throttled or blocked.

A WordPress User Level is a number between 0 and 10. User Level 0 (zero) is the lowest possible Level, and User Level 10 is the highest Level, meaning User Level 10 has absolute authority.

The same security issues that affect WordPress sites apply to these attacks: outdated plugins, themes, and core software. Undefined user roles and successful brute attacks can also compromise your site. Even more dangerous, these hacks are hard to detect.

Use Google Chrome's performance and security tool or Google's Page Speed Insights to figure out what's slowing down your website. You will need to use the speed audit method if you're on a mobile device, since Google's Chrome App doesn't provide the tool.

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