Fleming Howland
Project Type
Up-gradation and improvements
2 Months 18 Days

Company Overview

Fleming & Howland was founded in 1780. Fleming & Howland believes that design, comfort, and character are complementary, not mutually exclusive. In today's world, Fleming & Howland is defined by its unique combination of personalisation and value. Every piece of furniture is handcrafted by them to order and delivered directly to customers worldwide.

The Solution

When Fleming & Howland approached the WDA, they found that their website had many problems with the shopping experience, which directly affected their leads and sales. Lead generation and a better understanding of the sales journey through the website were major goals for Fleming & Howland.

Taking a professional approach and following software development industry best practices, we resolved the reported issues on Fleming & Howland website and also made further advancements to the website. As a result, the flexibility provided by the updated website proved immensely valuable to Fleming & Howland. In terms of key KPIs, the site has already delivered some fantastic results.