Gifted SEO
16 Weeks

Marketplace Overview

With the GiftedSEO marketplace, there is a lot of quality control over the content as well as the links that are built in return for the content being created. There is no doubt that this is a dream come true for any SEO marketer and the content writer equally.

The Solution

One of the main purposes of this project was to clarify how GiftedSEO works and what services it provides. It was therefore necessary that GiftedSEO’s UX, content, and design all reflect that change in this message. This is so that target user personas could clearly understand what GiftedSEO offers to them.

Throughout the project, all business workflows were modularly developed and well-structured code was written. With our well-planned development approach, we were able to develop this platform in an efficient manner, making it easy to scale and maintain.