Protect Your Kids
Project Type
Development, Design, UI/UX
2 Months

Client Overview

The goal of the project was to develop a neat and attractive website which is fully responsive and works great on all devices. As this website would have a form to collect user queries for providing insurance quotes, it was important to verify that customers provided legitimate phone number, email address, and a valid postal address.

The Solution

The work started with a UI/UX design of the website with both the desktop and mobile version User Interfaces. Then the website was developed following the best practices to keep the website footprint to a minimum.

We accomplished the user information verification by taking our expert development approach and using specialised information verification mechanisms. As a result, the quotes form on this website now detects if a user provided a wrong UK phone number, email address, or postal address, In such a case, the form will stop the submission hence any spam entries will not allow form submission.

Furthermore, we integrated PYK’s CRM with the developed ‘compare quotes’ form on this website so the data submitted through this form is goes straight to their CRM.

In the end, we developed a beautiful website, which is fully responsive, works great, and is connected to our PYK’s CRM. The project was delivered within the specified time frame