Digital Strategy

What is Digital Strategy

Digital strategy is much more than just the creation of a website, a mobile app or banner advertisements – it is the user-led, technology-enabled transformation of existing experiences, which is executed through solid processes and systems to ensure that the transformation is well executed. While plotting digital strategy and laying the foundation, our aim is to focus on the following three things: look inside; look around; and look ahead to see what’s to come.

As a company, we believe that human experiences are the key to success. In order to provide useful and desirable outcomes for our clients and their customers, our strategy team establishes ‘human experience’ as the primary benchmark to measure success.

Experiences Drive Success

We believe that customer experiences drive the success of a business. In WDA’s digital strategy, ‘human experience’ is the primary benchmark for finding useful information and benchmarks. Our objective is to match people’s needs with what is technologically feasible by leveraging logic, user behavior, and systemic reasoning. To do this, we draw upon logic, user behavior, and systemic reasoning. By not just looking inward, one can gain knowledge from the technology-driven innovations occurring across a number of industries and not just focus on their own.

We at WDA have a constant cycle of reflecting, observing, and making. This cycle drives us to understand the present as well as anticipate the future by establishing a continuous cycle of reflection, observation and making.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital strategy focuses on improving business performance through technology, whether by re-imagining current processes or creating new products. It describes how an organisation will use technology to create new competitive advantages, as well as its tactics.

A very large online platform will be defined by the DSA as one with "equal to or higher than 45 million" active monthly users in the EU for their service, which is 10% of the EU population.

The most effective digital strategies have many branches with multiple channels, content formats, deadlines, and deliverables.

Your marketing efforts can be better focused with a digital strategy, which clearly defines your tactical steps. The most efficient ways to engage your online audience aren't obvious if you don't have specific goals in mind.

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