How to fix the Facebook and Instagram oEmbed Problem in WordPress

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Do you wish to discover Facebook and Instagram oEmbed solutions for WordPress?

WordPress’s built-in oEmbed or Embed block can no longer be used to import Facebook or Instagram posts. Your WordPress site may experience malfunctions and data loss as a result.

Here, we will teach you how to fix the Facebook and Instagram embed problem so that users of your WordPress site can view your social media posts.

WordPress oEmbed Problem with Facebook and Instagram

Instagram and Facebook posts could previously be embedded in WordPress with the help of a protocol called oEmbed. However, Facebook altered oEmbed’s functionality, making it more difficult to embed videos, photos, status updates, and other content from Facebook and Instagram.

Instead, to embed Facebook or Instagram information on your WordPress blog, you will need to register an app and utilize a client token to receive data through the Facebook Graph API. This would be a huge undertaking, especially if you wanted to display a wide variety of social media posts on your site. Given this, WordPress’s developers disabled the ability to incorporate content from social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

If you have used oEmbed to embed Facebook material on your website, it will show an error. A similar error message may appear if you attempt to embed an Instagram post using oEmbed. Due to the poor user experience this creates, some site visitors may decide that your company is not credible or trustworthy.

To some extent, the issue can be resolved by hand. One option is to remove all embedded content by going through each page and post individually. Even if you put in the time and effort, there is no promise that you will uncover every single broken embed. As such, let’s check out how simple it is to repair the oEmbed problem on WordPress for social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

The oEmbed Problem on Facebook and Instagram and How to Solve It

Using one of the available free Smash Balloon plugins is the quickest and easiest solution to the oEmbed problem. The Smash Balloon Social Picture Feed plugin for WordPress is what you need to embed Instagram posts.

Do you wish to include a Facebook post into a WordPress blog? If so, try the free plugin Smash Balloon Social Post Feed. You must initially run through the steps of installing and then activating the plugin.

Following the installation of either plugin, go to Instagram Feed » oEmbeds or Facebook Feed » oEmbeds, respectively.

All of the images there utilize the Social Photo Feed plugin, but the instructions are universally applicable to any similar solution.

When you get to that screen, select the “Enable” option. It settles the matter. If you use WordPress, you can now include social media postings from Facebook and Instagram directly into your site.

Embedding a Social Media Post in WordPress

An Instagram or Facebook post can be embedded in any page, post, or widget area (such as the sidebar). Opening the post or page on which the social media content is to be shown is one alternative. After that, hit the plus sign and enter “Embed.”

You can insert the necessary block into your post or page by clicking on it when it appears. Simply copy the URL of the Instagram or Facebook post you wish to embed and paste it into the ‘Embed’ area on your site. Then, select the embed option.

As of this moment, WordPress will display that particular post. Simply hit the “Update” or “Publish” button when you are ready to make the post public. Now, the social media post will appear in its entirety when you visit the page. You can also embed the Instagram or Facebook post in a widgetised section like the sidebar. In this method, you can advertise the same post on all of your site’s pages.

To boost your website’s traffic, consider incorporating your most popular Instagram post or one promoting a discount or social media contest. You can do this by going to Appearance » Widgets and clicking the blue ‘+’ button to add a Facebook or Instagram feed to a widgetised section of your site.

To find the “Embed” block needed for this, search for it in the search field. Once the “Embed” block appears, simply drag it to the desired location on your website to display the Facebook or Instagram post. Simply copy the URL of the Instagram or Facebook post you wish to embed and paste it into the ‘Embed’ area on your site. Then, select the embed option. As of this moment, WordPress will display that particular post.
If everything looks good to you, press the “Update” button. Whenever you go to your website from now on, the Instagram or Facebook post will automatically load for you.

Instructions for Integrating Social Media Feeds into WordPress

Fixing the oEmbed problem so that Facebook and Instagram posts can be added to your site is a breeze with the free Smash Balloon plugins. This is useful if you want to limit the quantity of embedded posts or manage where each social media post displays on your WordPress site.

On the other hand, you may choose to incorporate a Facebook or Instagram feed into your site. A feed allows you to present your most recent posts in an organised fashion.

A further benefit is that the feed will refresh automatically, ensuring that your visitors will always have access to the most recent posts without your needing to make any changes to the site yourself. Including new content can help maintain the site’s appeal to returning viewers.

The Smash Balloon Instagram Feed plugin allows you to easily include Instagram posts into your WordPress site. Do you wish to have a stream of your most recent Facebook updates, videos, and reviews? In that case, you can incorporate your Facebook feed with Smash Balloon. If your WordPress blog needs a Facebook and Instagram feed, you could check out Smash Balloon Social Wall.

Feeds from several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more, can be easily integrated into your WordPress site using Smash Balloon’s Social Wall plugin. If you’ve installed the Facebook Feed and Instagram Feed plugins, you can create a social wall in your WordPress admin panel by clicking Social Feeds » Build a Social Wall.

All of your custom feeds will appear in this section. To add a feed to the social wall, just click the “Add to Wall” button. You can cross-post to both Instagram and Facebook, for instance.

Following that, Smash Balloon Social Wall will generate a shortcode that can be used to embed the social wall into any post, page, or widget area. Simply insert the shortcode and then save or publish your modifications to see the effects. The newest updates from all of your social media profiles will be displayed in a social wall on your website.

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