3D Secure V2 Authentication and Services

3D Secure

Online payments are more secure with the 3D Secure standard, often referred to as Visa Secure, Mastercard Identity Check, or American Express SafeKey.

A significant improvement over 3DS1 is the introduction of “frictionless authentication.” It is one of the primary methods for proving Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) in Europe and one of the mechanisms for requesting exemptions from SCA.

An authentication process that is frictionless

With 3D Secure 2, businesses can send more details about each transaction to the cardholder’s bank than they already do with the previous version of 3D Secure. As well as specific payment information like the shipping address, this data may include contextual information like the customer’s device ID or previous transactions, which may be pertinent to payment-related matters.

Authentication is completed without the cardholder providing additional input if the data is reliable enough for the bank to trust the genuine cardholder.

The bank may require additional proof to process the transaction, so it will employ the “challenge” flow to verify it.

With 3D Secure 2, we can share more data with certain third parties, which allows a broader number of transactions to be authenticated without further customer input. While 3D Secure 1 already supports a limited form of risk-based authentication, we can increase the number of transactions authenticated with 3D Secure 2.

The 3D Secure 2 protocol and strong customer authentication

Doing business in Europe requires Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). Since this regulation requires more authentication on European payments, 3D Secure 2 should improve user experience and reduce the negative impact on conversion.

3D Secure 2 also allows payment providers to request exemptions from SCA and skip authentication for low-risk payments. In the frictionless flow, transactions that do not require SCA are routed through the “challenge” flow, but those that do will go through the “challenge” flow. In this case, the payment provider doesn’t benefit from the liability shift if the transaction passes through the “frictionless” flow.

WordPress plugins that support 3D secure v2

1. WooCommerce

A wide range of extensions is available for WooCommerce, including Stripe payments, WooCommerce payments, and PayPal payments. 3DSV2 enabled each.

2. Trust Payments Gateway (3DS2)

Easily take payments using Trust Payments on your WooCommerce-based store.

3. PaymentNetwork Woocommerce Plugin

This module PaymentNetwork Woocommerce enables WooCommerce customers to pay for their items using the PaymentNetwork hosted form or direct payment gateway.

3d secure authentication failed

3D-Authentication failed. This vendor’s rules require a successful 3D-Authentication.

3DSV2 Layer Processes to Understand Why Errors Occur

Chargebacks are less likely to occur with 3DS2. When a chargeback occurs, your liability is transferred to the card issuer if your customers use 3DS2.

The 3DS2 payment process also reduces friction, making customers less likely to abandon their carts due to frustration. The following ways 3DS2 could optimize your customers’ payment experience:

By streamlining the payment process, you can reduce friction during the transaction process, which may have once led to lost sales.

Customization by 3DS2 may include adding security features like one-time passwords and biometric authentication.

In addition, 3DS2 offers mobile optimization, which may reduce customer drop-off.

Authentication Failed Reasons And Failures

As a result of the processes above, the server receives more data to check the customer’s authenticity, and the customer has to provide less information.
There could be some barriers to payment if a bank or online service that issues the credit/debit card has upgraded its security to 3DSV2.

An unsuccessful transaction error message still can result in a successful money transaction, and a successful transaction with no worthwhile return can occur either.

A “3D Authentication failed” error can happen if you have not entered the required information correctly. Make sure Caps Lock is disabled and repeat the process to ensure there are no typos.

Please get in touch with your credit card issuer – usually a bank – if the error persists.

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